WhereWars™ Island Defense Review

WhereWars™ Island Defense is a tower defense game featuring the conflicts among several alien factions. Foreign creatures in Dimension Q come to a human land to extract their vital sustenance – Grumium. Coming from different races of Quarks, the Bioterrorist, Mad Scientists and the Guerrilla Brutes are fighting against each other to occupy the precious resources.

Island Defense adopts a storyline similar to a sci-fi woven with twists of all the three races. At the very beginning, three pages of comic illustrations are presented to clarify the story background. When news about the discovery of a large Grumium crater on an island on earth spreads out in Dimension Q, the inhabitants begin to calculate for their own. The Bioterrorist’s homeland is running out of Gremium and Gooby is dispatched to obtain it. In the meantime, Oswalk, leader of the Mad Scientists is also coveting it because it can help expand their civilization. In addition, a plot was staged in the Guerrilla Brutes. Another government was overthrown due to the disagreement over the race’s expansion. If you want to play the game immediately, you’re allowed to skip them.

Island Defense provides 17 levels in all, 2 tutorial levels included. Since the gaming speed can be doubled to make it more challenging and fast-paced, you actually have 34 levels to enjoy. At the outset of the game, the different forces with varied purposes have already landed on the human island. Cast as the boss of Gooby, you need to help Gooby hold and defend the bases against invasions. To be specific, the base may be located at the end of a zig-zag path near the Gremium crater. Enemies will keep flooding in from the other end. Based on your observation of the terrains, you deploy towers displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen at the right location along the path. If you kill all the invaders before they turn your bases into ruins, you win and will get to the next level. And one more thing, at the beginning of each level Gooby will ‘talk’ to you about the missions or ‘talk’ with the enemy. The voices are rendered into some sounds like those of radio waves. That means you’re actually reading the subtitles instead of listening to the conversations. Again you can skip them.

As you will see, each type of tower bears a number. For example, the Scout tower bears the number of 80. It means 80 Gremium Gems are required to deploy it. Generally speaking, the more powerful a tower is, the more Gremium Gems are needed. Other towers include Fighter towers and Sticky towers and so on. The former features a long range and a double-shooting spree. The latter will throw Grumium Goop on the enemies to slow them down. Every time you shoot an enemy to death, you’ll earn a certain amount of Gremium Gems, which in turn can be used to deploy more towers and upgrade them as well. Every tower can be upgraded two times in each battle.

With regard to the enemies, some is fast but weak. Some is slow but capable of massive damage. Some keeps a balance between speed and power. As the game progresses, more types of enemies with stronger power will show up. They will also change their operation strategies from time to time. Instead of attacking from one end to the other rigidly, they may also come from both sides. These are what you need to take into consideration when deploying towers. Each level consists of different waves of enemies. As you enter into the later parts of the game, you have to knock down dozens of waves of varied overwhelming enemies before you can claim victory.

Island Defense reminds players of the popular cute tower defense game CarrotFantasy. In comparison, Island Defense is not a nicely packaged game. Its graphics are quite ordinary. The characters don’t show any outstanding features. The color settings are also problematic. Those different types of tiny characters can hardly set themselves apart from each other. This also applies to the towers, which almost look the same. What makes this worse is that the actual battle field is confined within a small portion of the screen, leaving the larger part used to display the decorative settings. Moreover, although each level takes you to a different place, the backgrounds usually don’t differ much to one another for several levels in a row. The soundtrack comes with no surprise, too. In particular, the gunshots sound like shoddy firecrackers, ruining the atmosphere to some extent.

WhereWars™ Island Defense doesn’t show many innovative elements. The unusual storyline alone can hardly make it stand out among games of the same kind. Fairly speaking, it’s hard for such a plain game with few merits and obvious demerits to satisfy the increasingly picky gamers

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