Puzzle Pirates Review

Puzzle Pirates is a puzzle game that immerses players in 22 different types of puzzles. In the game, you will solve puzzles, deck up your avatar and furnish your home.

You are washed away onto a deserted island, embark your adventure on plundering treasures. They will find jobs on pirate ships, for example, sailing, carpentry, and sail patching. That sounds a lot of actions and movements. But this game, like its name suggests, revolves around puzzles. You, as a matter of fact, need to match tiles, flip boards and stones, place planks, connect points, and place similar gems in designated positions.

Whatever explanation or reason is offered to back up the game contents, the puzzles are simply variations of familiar puzzle-solving games. In the Treasure Haul, for instance, players should match coins of various types. Once three or more coins of the same type are put in a horizontal line or a vertical line, those lined coins will be cleared and more coins will be added onto the board. Ruby or emerald that presents itself now and then clears certain tiles when you tap it.

The only difference that separates this Treasure Haul puzzle apart from so many match-3 games out there is that it only allows for sliding upwards or downwards. Players will not be able to swap two horizontally adjacent tiles to make a match. In Bilging, the rule would be opposite – allowing for only side-to-side side.

In Sailing, however, players will manage the falling pieces by rotating the pieces and changing where they will fall onto. In that way, players will form lines of tiles of the same color and then clear them. That makes it similar to Tetris because such content is also what Tetris is all about. The Sailing features a small holding structure hanging up in the air with specific colors for each slot. Players, if possible, can fill the structure with the tiles.

There are different stations on a ship in which you can not only play different puzzles, but is also able to create a room and play against friends or other players. However, not every puzzle is available at a given time. Different games are offered for free each day and others can be unlocked if you fetch the required badges.

It certainly is a lot of fun to enjoy classic or familiar game content in a brand new way and it can be incredibly entertaining to play a different puzzle every now and then. But it gets annoying a few puzzles later when you still have to read carefully the instructions and tutorials and before you really understand what is going on, you are directed to the next puzzle.

Puzzle Pirates offers a collection of puzzles rendered in inventive and original ways. Every puzzle is cleverly and beautifully designed and is bound to entertain and please players this way or another. However, the limited access to puzzles and the frequent tutorials definitely sour the experience.

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