Pocket Mobsters Review

Pocket Mobsters is a mob-themed RPG that puts players in shoes of a soon-to-be mafia leader, who extorts vendors and shop owners and fight against gangs.

The game bear a resemblance to Don: Social Mobsters Game, a Facebook game inspired by an Indian movie. Players take the role of a mobster, who is chosen as the next mafia leader of Don’s gang, and will follow Don’s instructions, take over districts, collect money from vendors, and defeat mobsters from other gangs. Similar to Don: Social Mobsters Game, Pocket Mobsters offers a city map of a couple of buildings, which might contain enemy gangsters or provide the coins they need. Different types of buildings on the map trigger different events, including fights and vendor shakedowns.

Fighting takes place in a similar way as that in Please Stay Calm. In the turn-based combat, players can choose one from the available minions to unleash the attack for each turn. Those minions, differing in their chances of successful hit, appear in the form of buttons at screen bottom in each turn for a limited time. Players need to spot the one with the highest hitting chance or the greatest damages before those buttons disappear. Once players fail to tap one before the buttons vanish, players cannot launch any attack in the current turn and would have to wait for the next turn. That fighting mechanics resembles that in Please Stay Calm HD, and the only difference is that in the earlier title, the buttons are associated with different weapons instead of minions.

The game features a unique way of collecting coins. Players enter buildings with coins and then tap and hold the vendors, release before getting caught by the policemen, and extort as many coins as possible before time is up. Such scenarios vary in the number of cops and therefore are varied in difficulty.

What separates Pocket Mobster from Don: Social Mobsters Game is its retro-style pixel art. Every structure and character in the game is rendered in colorful and vivid artwork, though some details are unclear. Naturally, all the texts are typically pixilated and in capital letters. That can’t be good in a game with too much story-telling, or to be specific, too many conversations.

Pocket Mobster doesn’t offer any original and fun content. Its basic gameplay is familiar while the real original part, or the vendor extorting, lacks in attraction and fun. With no specific element that is riveting enough to attract and hold players, the game is doomed to obscurity.

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