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The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2

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The Full Review of The Escapists 2

Welcome to the ultimate and amazing prison sandbox. Play The Escapists 2 and endeavor to escape some of the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the prisons and plan your way out of them.

Graphics — 3.5/5

You play the game from an eagle-eye view and you get to see miniature graphics everywhere. These graphics are bit blocky and pixelated. However, they look appealing as they have been intricately designed. Also, you get to see different characters and elements in the game. They all have been amazingly designed as well. There are also dialogs in the game which have been written using a bold and crystal clear font. On the whole, the graphics of the game are decent and you do not across any sort of glitch while you play it.

Gameplay — 4/5

The gameplay of The Escapists 2 is all about exploring different prisons of the world, following their rules, undertaking the jail jobs all the while planning your escape from them. The game offers you 300 customization options to make your own con. You can form a team of three and build your ultimate escape crew. When you work together with your team, you get to make more daring plans.

The game also introduces you to a versus mode. In this mode, you compete with your friends and try to break the prison faster than them.

You don’t just escape the prison, you craft your escape meticulously. You have limited tools at your disposal. Now it’s on your intelligence and creativity to use these tools wisely. You can steal a fork from the cafeteria, use a duct tape to hide evidence, craft poster from magazines, and much more. There is also a brand new combat system to make every prison brawl all the more exciting.

Engineer your freedom as you dive into the gameplay of The Escapists 2.

Controls — 4.5/5

The controls of the game are intuitive and easy to understand. Every key on your Xbox controller has a different role to play in the game. With the ‘Y’ key, you can interact with the other characters of the game. Hit the ‘A’ key to either take favor or open chest. With the ‘X’ button, you can attack and with the ‘B’ key, you can go back. With the joystick or directional buttons, you control the movement of your character.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

There are 10 prisons that you come across in the game. Also, some of these prisons are multi-levels. You can either play this game in a co-op mode with four more friends or you can try the versus mode of the game. On the whole, considering all these elements and aspects, one can conclude that the game comes with a high replay value.


Be a part of the sneaky adventure as you get your hands on the brilliantly designed gameplay of The Escapists 2. Build your own team by assembling the engineers and the experts and plan a way out of the prisons. Be creative and leverage the tools available at your disposal to make your escape smooth, quick, and convenient. But also make sure to play by the prison rules as a single blunder could cost you your freedom.

  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5
  • You just can't miss this game! You just can't miss this game!
  • Everyone recommends to play it! Everyone recommends to play it!

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