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Mortal Kombat Review: Nostalgia And Epic Fight

Mortal Kombat is a game that causes an attack of nostalgia for everyone who was a child in the 90s. In 2011, NetherRealm decided to restart the Mortal Kombat series, rethinking the mechanics of combat and starting the history of the game world from scratch. The new approach has worked. You can download Mortal Kombat and play it on such platforms as Xbox, Windows, and Playstation. 

Graphics 4/5

The famous characters have not changed beyond recognition, so you can easily find your favorite one. Both fighters and arenas were made in 3D graphics. It may seem outdated in comparison with more modern versions of Mortal Kombat itself and with other games of this genre. 

However, this fighting looked good for the Mortal Kombat release date, so you can't judge it strictly. Anyway, there are attractive details in the environment and the characters themselves. 

Gameplay 5/5

It's crucial to notice in the Mortal Kombat review that the main advantage of this game is the plot availability. Every character and fighting is in context. There are simply no random battles in the game because each conflict is instantly explained to the player. 

Each of the twenty-five characters has a set of basic attacks, depending on which direction of the cross you clamped with the hit button. Although the game has a certain number of preprogrammed combos, the combat system encourages the players to create their combos. You can combine practically any simple tricks, special tricks, enhanced special tricks, and even X-Ray. 

It was the first game in the series in which the team mode is available. The player can choose two characters and then change them during the battle. There is a special arcade mode for team passing - in each battle, the player has to face two opponents. Team mode is also available for those who prefer Mortal Kombat play online. 

Controls 5/5

One of the main advantages of Mortal Kombat is the ease of the control system. You do not need to memorize any complex combinations. It's not a big deal to make a couple of simple tricks or a combo. 

You do not need to think about how to throw a fireball - you do it and do not spend precious seconds to remember the desired sequence of buttons. Therefore, instead of tedious cramming of techniques and a thorough study of the characteristics of the chosen fighter, you have to think about reaction, tactical battle planning, and the ability to unravel the enemy's intentions. 

Replay Value 5/5

The games' replay value is excellent. Even though there is a plot in it that might have bothered, the narrative is not the main thing here. The main thing is a fight, and if you are a fan of the genre, then you definitely want to play Mortal Kombat again and again. Besides, the game has several modes. So you can choose team mode online or try multiplayer.

The Bottom Line

This game is a good thing for the mass player. As you download Mortal Kombat, you get realistic, exciting, funny, beautiful, and easy to learn to fight. A full-fledged story mode raises it above all other fighting games. Moreover, for experienced players, it is also an excellent occasion to invite friends like at good old times. 

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!
  • Everyone recommends to play it! Everyone recommends to play it!

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