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The Biggest Games Of 2020: Xbox, PS4, Switch And PC

The Biggest Games Of 2020: Xbox, PS4, Switch And PC on Blog

This year is already full of grand expectations. Even if we forget all the games announced, shown, spoiled and advertised, knowing about the new generation consoles is enough to guess the rest. They are both to arrive in 2020 – Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with new CPUs and GPUs, storage and cloud features, as powerful as never before. And the world is waiting for an explosion, as the publishers are preparing new titles for the new consoles. 4K is the native resolution now, and size matters less than ever, so the games will be longer and more spectacular.

On the other hand, gaming will experience what we see now in cinema and TV shows. It’s easy like never before to make a great looking picture, but a good story behind it remains just as rare as before. So, with overall visuals as impressive as they get, we still want something immersive, some world we’d like to live in.

It’s not so boring to watch the giant riders hold their horses. The brave ones release titles like Disco Elysium, Control, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Nintendo still delivers new installments from Pokémon or Mario universes. Cinema blockbusters grant success to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Marvel Ultimate Alliance. But they are all just a warmup before the real breakthrough we’re waiting for.

Here are some of the AAA games, possible the trendsetters of 2020, we are desperately waiting for.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 game screenshot

To tell the truth, I’d rather have a “Cyberpunk 2020” game, as its long delays threaten to catch up with the name. This futuristic story by CD Projekt RED, the developer we love for The Witcher series, features Keanu Reeves and mechanics from Cyberpunk tabletop games, as well as incredible visuals and sparkling fantasy.

The part that puts CD Projekt RED games from others is attention to side quests in the open world. The Witcher 3 is the game that still delivers, after four years after the original release, and three years with its expansion packs. Cyberpunk 2077 can also receive lots of DLC, so it’ll be fun to play in 2077 (if they still have compatible hardware then).

And no, it won’t be the sci-fi version of The Witcher 3. The combat system is radically reviewed, the story is totally different, and it features FPV. The future shown, though, will remind the Dark Ages a lot: monsters are now robots and modified humans, weapons are common and legal, and the overall feel is dark and cynical. Expect it in September 2020.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite game screenshot

The next installment of the famous Halo series is a kind of reboot for the franchise to feel at home on new consoles. Who cares about numeration after, say, Terminator: Dark Fate? Call it the third or the sixth, but don’t sell us any crap!

I feel optimistic about Halo Infinite, as the developers are preparing the best they can with the new engine Slipspace, optimizing it for the new hardware. So Master Chief will still wear the familiar armor, but the light will dance much jollier on it, and the world set on Halo will be much larger. We said size did not matter.

There isn’t much revealed about this. The release date of Halo Infinite is also unclear, set somewhere in “late 2020”. Probably it won’t be long after the release of Xbox Series One, being the pushing power for it. Microsoft might want to re-establish itself as a big game developer, along with being one of the major platform providers, and Halo Infinite can be a serious claim.

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 game screenshot

No wonder this game was delayed: the publisher for sure wants it to be a major hit for PS5, and it’s still somewhere out. The first installment was the last big game for PlayStation 3; the second may show the new class on PS5, being one of the final PS4 games 2020 delivers.

The difference between versions, though, will hardly be noticeable (unless there is a special remaster in a year or two, not bound by backward compatibility with PS4). So let’s hope that the developers invest in the story and the world instead, making it even darker and more apocalyptic. The story, though, may take place in a partly rebuilt world, raising the stakes, as there is more to lose when the previous life is half regained.

They can go the opposite way and make it harder and darker. Why not – it’s a post-apocalypse story, anyway. But as for me, I want to see the world recover and fight for it.

Ghosts of Tsushima

Ghosts of Tsushima game scrceenshot

Samurai stories have always been inspiring, but Ghosts of Tsushima takes quite an unusual topic for exploration. Mongol invasion was the only episode in ancient Japanese history when the country was nearly conquered. In real life, it was the storm that sent the Mongol ships down. In Ghosts of Tsushima, it’s a lone samurai, a great fighter and a Tsushima dweller, who accepts the challenge and does all it takes to stop the invaders.

The developers say it will combine fiction and real history, as well as samurai and ninja styles of combat. Probably the game’s atmosphere will remind Sekiro, but on a new quality level.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal gae screenshot

It’s one of the franchises that’s been lasting since the early 1990s and still remains fresh. It’s not easy to reboot a cult game so that it’s quite accepted in spite of nostalgia; DOOM is just that lucky exception. The reason for it is the right approach: if they want DOOM, do the doom, do the boo, and do the boom! And yes, we also want “B” for “Bigger”.

Luckily, chances are the developers won’t spoil the franchise by making it more story-oriented or softening it. Hardcore is the word for it; otherwise, it’s doomed in a bad way.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion game screenshot

It’s one of the franchises that take time to rate. While the sequel was much better than the origin, there are reasons to expect an even better threequel. But the idea of it looks quite crazy even for our gaming industry. Yes, we have used to fascist dystopias, taking place in now democratic states, but have we got used to games with no protagonist? And no, there won’t even be an anti-hero. Instead, you have a wide selection of playable characters simultaneously.

This is a sort of a tactical action game, combining adventure with a strategy on some level. And, in the absence of a single hero, Legion provides a backstory and a personality for every NPC: who knows who you’ll recruit next? And they should all be individuals. Among all 2020 games listed, this may be the most unusual.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons game screenshot

Whatever they say about Pokémon or Mario, I still consider Animal Crossing the best series by Nintendo. When I want some antidote after a cynical game like The Witcher or Days Gone (or after watching the news), I play this story of living with animals, getting with them, and making friends with no further aims. Rarely an idyllic game is such fun.

Neither of the games above is meant to bring any pure relief, and the real life is even less of that. So I’m looking forward to treating animals with fruits and candies, building villages for them, talking, and proving humans to be as good as them.

Well, the game will probably be released only for Nintendo Switch. If you have never had a Nintendo console, you missed lots of exclusive games, and Animal Crossing series is probably the most noticeable, though less iconic. If you want a Nintendo Switch Game 2020 award winner, hardly will it be Animal Crossing. But I don’t have to follow them.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII game screenshot

It’s one of the least expected titles among 2020 new games, as the series is now about rebooting rather than continuing. And this one is among the most anticipated ones since its gameplay has been shown. The original Final Fantasy VII was probably the best in the series. Now we want the story of Cloud Strife on a new level. And at least the visuals are just there.

And what we see in official trailers is an action hurricane. Somehow it preserves the feel the original delivered in its release time. Instead of attractive nostalgia exploiting familiar visuals, the developers try to repeat the revolution, and I hope they succeed. And I show respect to the remakers for not trying to sell the old-school visuals, meant for old-school fans. We’ve had enough of that nostalgic stuff; I want Final Fantasy to be always fresh.

More Games to Come

Of course, we have more titles coming this year, and some of them have only been rumored about. For example, the world still expects the sixth GTA, the new Call of Duty installment (whatever it’s called), new Metroid, or Minecraft Dungeons. And what do you anticipate the most? Drop your wishes in comments, so they may come true sooner!

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