Mojang Denies Minecraft Servers Shutting Down By 2021. It Was All a Rumor -

Mojang Denies Minecraft Servers Shutting Down By 2021. It Was All a Rumor

Mojang Denies Minecraft Servers Shutting Down By 2021. It Was All a Rumor on Blog

It’s officially denied. No, 2020 won’t be the year Minecraft servers shut down. Yes, Mojang is still run by Microsoft. Yes, Minecraft is here to stay, and all the projects and all the worlds made by its players are safe. So drop your pills, the end of the world is officially canceled.

And if you haven’t been aware of all that mayhem, here is the entire story.

The Rumor Had It

It all started this December when someone heard it that Mojang (as well as Microsoft) considers shutting down Minecraft servers. It seems strange how such a rumor has been spreading without confirmation, but that is that: in hours, Twitter was full of hashtags like #saveminecraft.

Both Mojang and Microsoft had to officially confirm that Minecraft was here to stay, and they hadn’t had any plans of shutting its servers down. The tweet by an employee of Mojang confirmed that. But it took just common sense to realize that news like this is usually published on official sites and dubbed in mass media. Given that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever, such a decision couldn’t be made without a wide announcement.

The Origin of All Fears

The whole story seems even more fabulous as we see the real origin of it. The notorious Channel 45 News is known for letting Facebook users create fake news, take screenshots, or share generated pages on their profiles for pranking. The “news” about the Minecraft shutdown was generated by a pranker and then published on Facebook just like that. The exact date was named quite realistically, though; it was December 20, 2020. A year of maintenance left is quite convincing, as no project like this shuts down abruptly nowadays. The original post also referenced the originator of the project, telling about the planned shutdown because he had had enough of it. In fact, though, Markus Alexji Persson never said anything like that.

The aim of the prank could be a study of spreading rumors, or of concerns about Minecraft, or about fact-checking as a habit. The pranker could as well do it just for fun, though.

It’s not the first rumor like this circulating around these years. Back in the early 2000s, the message with similar content was sent through on ICQ when it was a thing. A message informed that the service was shutting down soon (in some versions – getting paid), and you needed to activate some status to prevent it. Sometimes similar panic messages are reported now on WhatsApp and Viber. (Strangely, Telegram, probably the most vulnerable messaging service, suffers the least). The last victim of this speculation was TikTok, the biggest growing service now. None of these panic messages ever turned out true.

The Morals

Every fable must have a moral in the end. This time, the moral is the following: don’t believe the hype. It has all been blown from one fake report; and surprisingly, many people didn’t even bother to check the facts, though it would take them a minute or two.

First: only trust the original sources or trustworthy insiders. This information hasn’t been revealed by any of these.

Second: don’t panic. The world today doesn’t catch you by surprise with news like these. If a project of such influence is for some reason canceled, you’ll enjoy it for the time granted by your agreement – at least six months, but rather a year or more. Third: don’t be afraid to ask the officials, before spreading the terrifying rumors.

What’s Your Story?

And now confess: did you believe it, even for a second? Did your breath stop and your heart drop? And what do you think about spreading these rumors before checking them? Give us a comment. And no, we are not shutting down, whatever they might say.

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